SIGISMUND in «Das Leben ein Traum» II.

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    Act I 

    Segismund, Rosaura y Clarin. 

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    Nor Nature’s guiltless life alone—
    But that which lives on blood and rapine; nay,
    Charter’d with larger liberty to slay
    Their guiltless kind, the tyrants of the air
    Soar zenith-upward with their screaming prey,
    Making pure heaven drop blood upon the stage
    Of under earth, where lion, wolf, and bear,
    And they that on their treacherous velvet wear
    Figure and constellation like your own,
    With their still living slaughter bound away
    Over the barriers of the mountain cage,
    Against which one, blood-guiltless, and endued
    With aspiration and with aptitude
    Transcending other creatures, day by day
    Beats himself mad with unavailing rage!
    [...] But then if murder be
    The law by which not only conscience-blind
    Creatures, but man too prospers with his kind;
    Who leaving all his guilty fellows free,
    Under your fatal auspice and divine
    Compulsion, leagued in some mysterious ban
    Against one innocent and helpless man,
    Abuse their liberty to murder mine:
    And sworn to silence, like their masters mute
    In heaven, and like them twirling through the mask
    Of darkness, answering to all I ask,
    Point up to them whose work they execute!

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