FAUST in «Faust - Teil 1» III.

    Scene XIV - Forest and Cave. 

    Faust alone. 

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    Spirit sublime, thou gav'st me, gav'st me all
    For which I prayed. Not unto me in vain
    Hast thou thy countenance revealed in fire.
    Thou gav'st me Nature as kingdom grand,
    With power to feel and to enjoy it. Thou
    Not only cold, amazed acquaintance yield'st,
    But grantest, that in her profoundest breast
    I gaze, as in the bosom of a friend.
    The ranks of living creatures thou dost lead
    Before me, teaching me to know my brothers
    In air and water and the silent wood.
    And when the storm in forests roars and grinds,
    The giant firs, in falling, neighbor boughs
    And neighbor trunks with crushing weight bear down,
    And falling, fill the hills with hollow thunders,--
    Then to the cave secure thou leadest me,
    Then show'st me mine own self, and in my breast
    The deep, mysterious miracles unfold.
    And when the perfect moon before my gaze
    Comes up with soothing light, around me float
    From every precipice and thicket damp
    The silvery phantoms of the ages past,
    And temper the austere delight of thought.
    That nothing can be perfect unto Man
    I now am conscious. With this ecstasy,
    Which brings me near and nearer to the Gods,
    Thou gav'st the comrade, whom I now no more
    Can do without, though, cold and scornful, he
    Demeans me to myself, and with a breath,
    A word, transforms thy gifts to nothingness.
    Within my breast he fans a lawless fire,
    Unwearied, for that fair and lovely form:
    Thus in desire I hasten to enjoyment,
    And in enjoyment pine to feel desire.

    (Mephistopheles enters.)

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