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Scene VII - The Study. 

The Student and Mephistopheles. 

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STUDENT: (enters) 
I’m only here momentarily,
I’ve come, filled with humility,
To speak to, and to stand before,
One who’s spoken of with awe.
[...] I beg you, please enrol me, here!
I come to you strong of courage,
Lined in pocket, healthy for my age:
My mother didn’t want to lose me: though,
I’d like to learn what it’s right for me to know.

[...] To be honest, I’d like to go already:
There’s little pleasure for me at all,
In these walls, and all these halls.
It’s such a narrow space I find,
You see no trees, no leaves of any kind,
And in the lectures, on the benches,
All thought deserts me, and my senses.

[...] I’ll cling to her neck with pleasure:
But only tell me how to find her.
[...] I want to be a true scholar,
I want to grasp, by the collar,
What’s on earth, in heaven above,
In Science, and in Nature too.

[...] I’ll be present heart and soul:
Of course I’ll want to play,
Have some fun and freedom, though,
On each sweet summer holiday.