Bewertung und Kritik zu

    Bewertung und Kritik zu

    Florentina Holzinger & Team
    Premiere: 30. August 2023 
    Coubertinplatz am Olympiastadion, Berlin (Veranstalter: Schinkel Pavillon e.V.)

    Zum Inhalt: According to Frédéric Chopin, “an étude is a musical composition of considerable difficulty, designed to provide practice material for an instrument and its player.” Yet, they are designed to “always please the audience in concert”.The scene for Schrott-Etüde (Scrap Etude): An Etude for Extinction is the parking lot at Olympiastadion.

    Based on a composition by experimental composer Katharina Ernst and sound designer Stefan Schneider, this Etude once more melts together musical elements and stunt actions. A mixed cast of stunt women, musicians and performers explore new contexts for representation in dance and the possibilities of a ‘technical’ theatre in a series of joint operatic rituals and orchestrated crash tests.

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